Designing stores for time travel


Time travel does currently not work with the routing framework...


There are some advanced but nevertheless crucial information that you should follow when creating stores that should allow time travel. Not following these guidelines will render correct time travel impossible.

Correct time travel relies on two important facts:

  • No side effects: actions during time travel have no side effects
  • Action2State: all state changes in stores are directly triggered by an action of the store

No side effects

When time traveling you will replay action events multiple times. Therefore, it is important that the actions do not execute backend calls during a replay.

First, the repeated backend calls would turn into results and change the timeline. Second you would induce changes into the backend database during time travel if any backend calls were made.

To avoid this we offer an IObservableFetcher interface that lets you do backend calls in a fetch manner. Only that you can subscribe these calls as any other rx observable.

During time travel the observable fetcher will not make any actual fetches. In fact he will not do anything at all (he returns an empty observable).


Simply speaking, when fetching stuff via IObservableFetcher call an action in the subscribe call.

This is necessary because during time travel the fetcher will not do anything. Your subscribe handler will not be called.

Instead when the subscribe call triggers an action it will be recorded in the event log. During time travel this action will be replaced accordingly.

This effectively captures the result from the backend call in an action event and preserves it for time travel.